Change the way you think of sales.

At Project Athena we are bringing about real change in the sales industry. Why Athena? She represents wisdom and power - both skills held by successful sales people.

By empowering sales leaders and working with businesses of all sizes to create a positive and inclusive sales culture, we are working to increase revenue and sales success, while eliminating deep rooted sales stereotypes found in the media such as featured in Wolf of Wallstreet and Glengarry Glen Ross.

We do this by working with various companies to change the way their organizations are approaching sales hiring, enablement, and mental health. Our unique approach ensures that both clients and consultants are well-trained and supported, allowing for peak performance at the highest level.

About Our Founder
Jess Pashos has been working with sales teams for nearly a decade. During this time, she scaled two sales offices to over 50 people and increased YoY revenue by over 100% for 5 years in a row. Her focus lies on using the power of a team to help each individual grow their own unique skill set.